Pabi Cooper To Drop ‘Dali Wam’ On May 19th

Piano star Pabi Cooper announces plans to drop her long-awaited single “Dali Wam” on May 19.

Waiting isn’t easy. However, it feels very fulfilling to finally get what you waited for after so long. Fans of Pabi Cooper are about to understand that feeling. The Piano star has just announced the release date for her highly anticipated single.

It is titled “Dali Wam.” It is a collaboration with Yumbs and features contributions from Nkosazana Daughter and Mawhoo. We have always wanted to see these ladies together on a song. Indeed, our dreams are finally coming true.

The talented Pabi Cooper has been busy making music and performing for her fans this year. The last time we saw her, she appeared alongside M.J, Chocco, and Myztro as a featured act in the “Basadi (leak)” by ShaunMusiq & Ftears and Focalistic. With Mellow & Sleazy and M.J, she featured in Foca’s “Tsela Tse Nyane” music video.

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