Pabi Cooper Trends For DBN Gogo Sneaker Video

Piano star Pabi Cooper trends after a video of DBN Gogo flaunting sneakers she bought for then-boyfriend Focalistic goes viral.

Amapiano star DBN Gogo is in the news again after she trended recently for getting herself a new man. The Piano star is dating “Adulting” star BU Mthembu, and they seem happy together. They were spotted kissing in viral photos shared online.

She is trending again for a video shared by entertainment influencer Musa Khawula. The video shows the Piano star flaunting sneakers she got for her then-boyfriend Focalistic. The video has caused Foca’s rumoured new girlfriend, Pabi Cooper, to trend.

Musa Khawula wrote,

“DBN Gogo shows off sneakers she had purchased for her then-boyfriend Focalistic. She had planned on gifting the sneakers to Focalistic, but he cheated on her with Pabi Cooper.”

Fans shared their thoughts on the video and said people shouldn’t buy gifts for people who will still leave them. @Kgopotso_Pule reacted,

“Lol buying shoes for your bf/gf is one thing you shouldn’t do because then things like this happen. They leave the relationship Johnny Walker style.”

@MbaliNk09783585 wrote, “Haibo she must sell them or take them back Kanti why is she keeping them?thats a lot of money.”

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