Pakistani Presenter Zainab Abbas Leaves India Following Alleged “Derogatory” Comments

Pakistani presenter Zainab Abbas has left India following an allegedly “derogatory” comment she made about the country. A local Indian Lawyer had claimed that she made “derogatory and provocative” statements against the country.

India and Pakistan do not have the best of relationships. relationships between both nations have been strained for as long as one can remember. As a result, the two countries no longer play bilateral cricket, except as part of a larger tournament comprising other nations – which is currently the case at the moment.

The ICC Cricket World Cup is ongoing. Zainab was in India as part of the team covering the event. The media personality had posted a picture of herself announcing her involvement in the coverage of the World Cup. Another X user had shared the post with an attachment of the complaint lodged against Zainab by an Indian advocate. You can check it out below.

Zainab left the country soon after, pointing to security concerns as the reason she left earlier than usual. The case itself has taken a life of its own online, with netizens sharing their thoughts on the whole controversy. Some tweeps supported her decision to leave the country, noting it was the right thing to do.

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