Panyaza Lesufi Says Amapiano Cause 78% Of 2021 Martriculants To Fail

A member of the executive council (MEC) of the department of basic education, Panyaza Lasufi, has blamed amapiano music for the mass failure of students at matric in 2021.

In a circular issued by the department, it was revealed that only 32 percent of students who sat for matric actually passed. The rest failed because of amapiano music, according to Lasufi.

The circular provoked great amusement online, with many people wondering how the amapiano genre could have provoked mass failure at matric. Some peeps who tried to rationalize the MEC’s statement wondered if people abandoned matric to play amapiano music.

Anyway, amapiano is the in-thing in South Africa right now. Although fairly new, it has been able to not only unseat other genres but to steal musicians from other genres as well. Yes, peeps have ditched hip hop and other genres to focus on amapiano.

Also, some people who are yet to make the switch have most often been told by their audiences to play amapiano music. 

In the years since amapiano emerged, some people have given the genre a timeline to disappear into oblivion, but amapiano music has continued to wax strong. And now it’s being blamed for mass flops at school. 

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