Papa Penny “Responds” To Duncan Diss

TV personality and musician Papa Penny had been dragged into the Hip-hop diss train by Duncan. The talented rapper name-dropped Papa Penny in his new Big Zulu diss track “Umngcwabo.”

It has been back-to-back drama in the SA entertainment scene this week. First, Big Zulu had things to say about some of the big names in SA Hip Hop, which did not go well for the rappers he aimed at.

Duncan hit the studio and promised fans response to the track. Well, he had no choice because a fan threatened to report his account if he didn’t respond. He returned with his own diss track, “Umngcwabo,” and name-dropped Papa Penny (calling Zulu Papa Penny).

Twitter users are not having any of that. They have been tweeting back and forth and questioning why Duncan chose to drag Papa Penny into the hip-hop diss circle. A Twitter user went as far as digging up an old video of  Papa Penny responding to someone who claims to be his child to express how the TV personality would feel about the diss song. In the video, Papa penny said_

Nonsense, don’t do that to me. Maybe you lost your father, you think I’m your father. I’m not your father. My name is Penny Penny. I cannot have a son stupid like you, ugly like you”

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