Papa Penny Says He’s The 78th Child Of His Father

Popular musician and politician Papa Penny says he is the 78th child of his father.

Social media is going wild reacting to a recent interview granted by Papa Penny and some of the revelations he made. If you check the singer’s Wikipedia, some of the information there would blow your mind, but not as much as the revelations he recently made.

He revealed that his father was originally from Mozambique and came to South Africa. He also shared that at the time, his father began “collecting” wives until he had 28 of them. He also stated that he’s the 78th child of his father, and others come after him.

When the interviewer asked how he even knew the number, he stated that things were different back in the day. At the time, money wasn’t a thing, so wealth was in large families and children.

The singer also opened up about his own children, saying he isn’t happy that he has 30. He believes 30 isn’t too much because of how sexually active he has been in his life. His father had a total of 94 children.

Social media users have reacted to Papa Penny’s revelation. While some expressed shock at his revelations, others have praised him.


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