Papa Penny Wants More Children Despite Having 30

Mzansi singer and reality star Papa Penny says he wants more children despite having 30 with several women.

Mzansi singer Papa Penny is known for his music and also for his reality show, which is a hit. The star has often told his story, and fans know him to be big on family.

Weeks ago, a clip of an interview he granted went viral on social media, and fans could not stop talking about it. In the clip, he revealed that his father had 27 wives and 94 children. He explained that, at the time, a man’s wives and children were a sign of wealth.

He also revealed that he has followed in his father’s footsteps and welcomed 30 children to the world. A recent clip making rounds on social media now sees Papa Penny talking about wanting more children. According to him, he thinks he should have more due to the amount of women he has been with, and 30 does not seem like much to him.

He also revealed that most of his children are from his extramarital affairs and not from his wives. Fans have reacted to the video and asked if he even remembers the names of his children. Mbuso0_ commented, “When he meets his maker, SA taxpayers will support them. Clever guy.”

Watch the video here.

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