Parole: Oscar Pistorius’ Lawyer Heading to Court

The battle for parole for Oscar Pistorious continues, and this week his lawyer headed to court to continue the process, which began last year.

The Paralympian’s lawyer, Julian Knight, noted that no application has been issued yet and that he’s waiting for South Africa’s Department of Corrections to start the parole process.

If the Department should refuse to initiate the parole process, according to him, then he will be left with no option but to proceed with an application to the Supreme Court of Appeal.

Initially convicted for culpable homicide and sent to five years in the slammer, Oscar Pistorious’ sentence was increased to 15 years by the Supreme Court of Appeal in 2015.

Arguing for the granting of parole to his client, Knight had described as “ambiguous” the initial order of the Supreme Court of Appeal, adding that Pistorius was eligible for parole.

Pistorius had shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp several times through the bathroom door, allegedly after an altercation, on February 14, 2013. He initially claimed he suspected a break-in and had to fire multiple shots to defend himself and his home.

He was, however, found guilty of her murder and sentenced according. It’s unclear if his lawyer will be successful with the parole application this time.

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