Party With DJ Zinhle To Be Honoured By Lamiez Holworthy And Pink Molly

PJ Party With DJ Zinhle to feature Lamiez Holworthy and Pink Molly

Lamiez Holworthy and DJ Pink Molly set to feature in the coming episode of PJ Party With DJ Zinhle.

If you’re a huge fan of DJ Zinhle’s banging show “PJ Party With DJ Zinhle” then you’re set to have some amazing Entertainment this week. The Live party is set to feature two very talented female DJ acts who are known to turn things up everytime they play. They are Lamiez Holworthy and Pink Molly.

Yes, we know a smile just creeped up your face. The weekend is definitely going to be lit because we hear they are coming with lit mixes just to entertain you The Live party is scheduled to air on Saturday, August 15 2020 from 6PM to 8PM on South.

The show which started out in DJ Zinhle’s bedroom and was broadcast via her social media channels truly has come a long way. It has become something to look forward to every weekend.

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