Patron Spends Close To R7000 at a Durban restaurant

Mzansi shocked as a patron announced that he spent nearly R7000 on drinks and food at a restaurant in Durban and also tipped the waiter.

There is no doubt that some people have so much money and it doesn’t matter to them how they spend it. While you may be frugal with your spending, some love to spend as much as they can on what they want.

A patron took to social media and shared the receipt from a Durban restaurant. He revealed that he spent nearly R7000 on alcohol and food at Max’s Lifestyle restaurant in Durban during the festive season. According to him, “The bill was settled, and the waiter got his share,”

Here is a breakdown of the bill;

  • 1 Hennessy VS Bottle R1500
  • 1 Moet Ice Imperial R2100
  • 10 Schweppes Tonic 2 R180
  • 6 Ice Tropez R780
  • Chicken Wingz R426
  • Tbone Steak R388
  • Wors R193

He spent R6068 on alcohol and food and tipped the waiter R600. He paid a total of R6975.

Ntaoleng Selepe reacted to the post: “I will never pay so much on booze. I would be fainted by now.” Kereemang Maseloane wrote: “Ekare nkabe kele waiter (I wish I was the waiter), I am so broke can’t even pay attention.”

Patron Spends Close To R7000 At A Durban Restaurant 2

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