PdotO Discusses Fakeness Of SA Hip Hop Game

PdotO touches on topics on being boxed in and the real and fakeness of the rap game on his recent interview.

The topic of what is real or not in the rap industry has been on for a while now under the sphere. Facing the fact the real determinant of this is what the audience/consumer accepts to be real.

PdotO got on an interview with Silkour Onlife and bares it all out about who or what he feels has originality in the industry, he also talked on the issue of being boxed in.

PdotO recently did fans a solid with the release of the second part of his first double album titled “Cold Waters (Love Eternal). The new project has been receiving a lot of positive reviews.

Check out the interview below;

PdotO has always let out his originality in most of his released songs over the years in the rap scene.

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