PdotO’s New Single “Above Water” Gets Good Response From SA Rappers, Fans

South African singer, PdotO recently put out a new song titled “Above Water” and the response to that song has been encouraging and mind-blowing.

PdotO is not exactly a stranger to the industry. A South Africa Hip Hop award nomination for Best Lyricist is proof enough of how good he is and ensures that when conversations about those who know their craft in the industry is being held, he gets a mention.

Produced by Genius, the song is the start of many from the artiste the year. He is kicking off his career year early and fans will be rooting for him to follow up with yet another one after this.

Artiste, Blaklez andNveigh were some of those who took to Twitter to share the song, allowing even more fans to join the conversation, retweet and possibly, listen to the song.

The Cap City Records artiste has churned out songs like “I’m No Vulture”, “Celebrate The Roses”, “Letter to Pop” and more. In “Above Water”, he showed the same talent that has seen him rise to become a big name in the industry.

The song is getting a lot of attention and it is possible that more fans will join in soon, further raising PdotO’s status in the industry.

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