Peace of Mind: Berita Ends Hiatus With New Single

Afro Soul singer and songwriter Berita has announced plans to end her music hiatus with a new single.

If you have followed what’s happened to Berita, you know she has been through the most. The talented singer got married during the pandemic, but her marriage did not end well.

She announced that she had called off her marriage to Nota Baloyi, known for his controversial opinions about his colleagues on social media. Since moving out of her marital home and “minding her business,” Nota dragged her all over social media. However, the “Indicel’ikiss” singer found a way to channel her pain into her music.

She announced on Wednesday, March 29, that she will end her hiatus with a new song titled “Peace Of Mind.” She also hinted at the song being about what she went through. The singer will also perform at the Guild Theatre East London, where she will share her story through music.

Peace Of Mind: Berita Ends Hiatus With New Single 2Peace Of Mind: Berita Ends Hiatus With New Single 3


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