Pearl Modiadie and Her Baby Daddy Celebrate Their Son Lewatle’s 3rd Birthday

Mzansi actress Pearl Modiadie and her baby daddy, Nathaniel Oppenheimer, get together and celebrate their son Lewatle’s third birthday.

We all love seeing the softer sides of our favorite artists. Fans of Pearl Modiadie are always thrilled when she shares posts with her adorable son, Lewatle. The boy recently turned three years old, and his mom and dad were there to celebrate him together.

According to photos shared by the actress, there was no awkwardness between the parents, and they were genuinely happy to see their son grow. Modiadie also made sure to drop a few heartfelt words to celebrate her beautiful boy.

She wrote, “I’ve loved you from the moment I knew you’d be mine. You carry an abundance of love and light within you.” They got him a Blippi Wonders-inspired birthday cake and posed with him for photos.

Fans and friends took to the comments section to celebrate Lewatle. They also commended the parents, Pearl and Nathaniel, for setting their differences aside and coming together to celebrate their son’s birthday.

Adina Misoma wrote, “What makes me happy is seeing two parents putting their differences aside and working together in this parenthood journey for the sake of the child..” Pearl reacted to the comments and thanked her.


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