Pearl Modiadie makes needed return to Twitter after announcing she was hacked

Pearl Modiadie returns to Twitter after announcing hack

Pearl Modiadie makes much needed return to after announcing that she’d been hacked.

It is no longer a new thing when a celebrity announces that their social media accounts have been hacked by unknown online creeps. It surely has happened to a lot of celebs, some of whom have had to face so much humiliation after the hackers used their accounts to take jabs at other celebs.

The latest celeb to wear those painful shoes is media personality, Pearl Modiadie. The very beautiful female previously announced that she’d been hacked. According to her, her social media account and her email accounts were all affected.

She has now made a needed come back to with a new account but still kept her user name. She was welcomed back by some other celebs including Lorna Maseko, and Terry Pheto. The new account already has a whopping 3000 followers and counting.

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