Pearl Modiadie Shares Age Bracket of Men She Might Date

Media personality Pearl Modiadie is back on the market and keen to start dating again after her relationship with Nathaniel Oppenheimer collapsed.

The couple had dated briefly, had a child, and then it was over – as quietly as it started.

Pearl Modiadie had reportedly been unhappy in the relationship – or so she had hinted when she wrote on her Instagram page that being alone was much better than being unhappy.

Although it has since been confirmed that she’s single again and ready to mingle, the television personality is not open to dating just about anyone from any age bracket. She has strict rules on how old the person might be.

In a recent tweet, the mother of one noted she isn’t out to date a Ben 10 – as a man younger than his woman is called, jocularly, in Mzansi. Those interested in dating her must be between 36 and 52. No more.

For those who are younger or older than the age bracket she gave, it’s about time to look elsewhere as sis has no time for you.

Well, it remains to be seen who will capture her heart after Nathaniel Oppenheimer, and how far she will go with the person. We’ll be here to bring the details to you.

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