Pearl Modiadie Suing Metro FM Over Sexual Harassment

Media personality Pearl Modiadie is suing Metro FM, the radio station where she once worked, over sexual harassment.

Pearl Modiadie recently revealed that she was sexually harassed by the station manager while she worked there, and although she tried to get management to address the issue, management ignored her plaints.

She’s no longer working at the station and has taken the station to court. Her legal representative, Mafona Ramothwala, confirmed a letter of demand has been made to the SABC, which manages the station.

A Sunday World report indicated that Pearl quit the station as a result of the sexual harassment. She’d claimed that the station manager had made several references to her body in email conversations.

Last we checked, the has not responded to the claims. A response from the SABC should determine where the case would go in the coming days.

By the way, Pearl is but one of several media personalities who have admitted facing sexual harassment while at their jobs. It remains to be seen if the case will be prosecuted.

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