Pearl Thusi Calls Mr Smeg Bae

Popular Mzansi actress and businesswoman, Pearl Thusi calls Mr Smeg “bae” in a recently shared tweet.

We are not sure but Pearl Thusi and seem to be hitting it off and the fans are excited to see this. The two first linked up after Mr Smeg offered to take Thusi on his National Lunch Date and she accepted.

Indeed, no one saw that coming. They hit Oskido’s restaurant where he hosted them to an amazing meal. Videos of the date flooded social media. Ever since, has gained more love all over Mzansi.

He even bagged a Mercedes Benz endorsement the other day. Fans are excited to see where everything goes. A recent tweet reacting to raw food Smeg posted on sees the “Queen Sono” star calling him “bae”. Are you guys thinking what we are thinking? There could be something more happening between the two. That would be amazing.

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