Pearl Thusi Reacts As Fans Throw Money At Her During Her Set

At this rate, there is really no reason for Pearl Thusi to give up her DJ ambitions. Despite the sporadic criticisms, her fans are more than happy to show her love at the decks and turntables.

This reality manifested again recently during her set. While she belted the bars from the decks, her fans showed their support and admiration by throwing money at her.

It was the sort of performance that would gladden the hearts of any artist, and was she pleased with it!

In a clip shared by the popular gossip blog MDN News, she could be seen having the time of her life at the decks while fans showered her with money, drunken with the appeal of the beats flowing through the venue.

It was a memorable moment for every present. Charmed by the massive support she got there, Pearl Thusi noted: “At this rate, I’m bringing a swiping machine to my gigs.”

Yeah, your girl is keen to take the stress off you and make your support for her more seamless. You can check out the post below.

The reactions to Pearl Thusi’s foray into the deejaying universe have been pretty mixed, but she isn’t stopping now.

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