Pearl Thusi Reacts To Critics Of Her Revealing Dressing, Fans Applaud

Trust South African actress and media personality Pearl Thusi to give it hot to her critics as she pleases. She’s just done it again after they criticised the explicit pictures she shared recently. But how did she react when trolled for the explicit images she shared? 

Some people would have caved in and apologised for the revealing dress. Not Pearl. Instead, she shared another batch of explicit pictures, indicating to her critics that she doesn’t much care what they say about her. 

Her fans were in the comments to celebrate her audacity and refusal to be pushed into a corner. They were like, you served an appropriate response to the critics. You can check out the images that had many South Africans talking below.

Pearl Thusi is rarely one to be pushed into a corner by her critics, so her latest response is in no way surprising. She’s famous as much for her acting as for her boldness to live her life as she pleases and not to please the crowd. 

Interestingly — but perhaps not surprisingly — she is loved and hated in equal measure for her guts. And it doesn’t appear either emotion would end anytime soon. Can you beat that?

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