Pearl Thusi Reacts To Critics Of Her Trending Revealing Pictures

South African media personality Pearl Thusi has finally broken her silence over the furore generated by her wearing a see-through dress recently. She donned the clothing for Murdah Bongz’s birthday party, and Mzansi was quick to roast her over it.

Well, after a brief silence, she has a few words for her critics.

Reacting to the whole drama, she informed her critics that it wasn’t the first time that she had revealed herself half-undressed, pointing to a couple of instances, including when she stripped naked for a magazine cover.

She also pointed to several of her acting scenes, when she had had to reveal serious flesh. On those counts, the latest reveal should not be much of a big deal to anyone. And for those who might think there is something coming, she said there is nothing coming.

Some of her critics would not be convinced, though. One of them even lashed out at her, noting that she was losing relevance and the only way to gain that back was by going naked to put herself in the spotlight again.

Well, it is Pearl Thusi’s life to live and she has been living that life unapologetically and there is nothing much her critics can do.

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