Pearl Thusi Ready To Drop Debut Single

Mzansi actress Pearl Thusi reveals she is ready to drop her debut single as she shares plans to take over the world with her music.

This year, fans rejoiced when they learned that Pearl Thusi would be releasing music. She has always supported the artists she admires, so everyone has anticipated the drop.

She recently reshared an Instagram story by Shejay Bling that read,

“I feel like the world is not ready for Pearl Thusi in the music industry because what she played for me yesterday, is too much. I can see myself rocking the stage with that tune.”

Shejay Bling, who calls herself the Queen Of Amapiano Music, is one of the very few people who have already listened to the song. She believes it’s a great song.

Speaking in a recent interview with Galore, Thusi spoke about her music, saying, “This has been a profound journey intertwined with my spiritual exploration. I prefer not to talk much about it. I want my work to speak for itself as I’ve always insisted it should.”

She also opened up about breaking boundaries,

“Breaking boundaries for me is living on my own terms, despite what others may say. I’ve grown tired of trying to please people. I believe that true freedom is breaking away from the chains of useless opinions and living freely.”

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