Pearl Thusi Shares A Kiss With DJ Zinhle At Birthday Bash, Clip Goes Viral

Pearl Thusi recently celebrated her 35th birthday at the club, with the entertainment industry’s top names in attendance, including, wait for it, DJ Zinhle. Yeah, not only was the “Uzobuya” hitmaker on the ground for the birthday, she ended up being kissed by Pearl in a show of friendship.

The gesture wouldn’t have been much of anything except that the two friends were rumoured to have been beefing – or to have been beefing sporadically. Of course, they would deny the claims each time, but fans were not convinced. At some point, they even shared a clip where DJ Zinhle was playing her set and didn’t want Pearl Thusi coming close to her and Pearl respected that decision and walked away.

Anyway, the friends appear chummy at the birthday and that is what counts at the moment. DJ Zinhle and Pearl Thusi are – or were – known to have one of the closest friendships in the industry. At some point, they had even planned to give birth at the same time. But it somehow didn’t work out.

They are still out there, though, friends, living their lives and kissing for the cameras, leaving Mzansi smiling and thinking at the same time. Is this a game?

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