Pearl Thusi Shares Zimbabwe Experience, Asks Others To Visit The Country

Pearl Thusi Talks Her “IT Girl” Era In New Video Interview – Watch

South African actress Pearl Thusi appeared to have taken the challenge of her critics and made a detour into Zimbabwe. It was earlier reported that the “Queen Sono” star was in Mozambique with her daughter.

Pearl is known for sharing positive stuff about Zimbabwe, but her critics were not impressed, So they challenged her to visit Mbare, said to be a slum area and a dangerous part of the country. She appeared to have taken that challenge and visited the place.

She performed there and shared about the moment while noting for the benefit of those doubting, “The reason I came to Zimbabwe. To show the world how beautiful it is. Come to Zimbabwe and experience its magic. Experience the power in Zimbabwe and spread the word.”

Pearl is one of a couple of South African celebs who have had something positive to as about Zimbabwe and the ruling Zanu-PF. But she, like others, left many South Africans and Zimbabweans themselves unimpressed because they feel she is out of touch with reality.

The other notable celebs who had faced criticism for their support of the country’s current leadership are veteran actor Sell Maake KaNcube. Will anything change in the coming days? Watch out.