Pearl Thusi Slammed for Siding Macg Amid Allegations of Transphobia

Pearl Thusi gets slammed on social media for defending MacG amid transphobia allegations.

It has been a crazy time for popular podcast host, MacG who is currently under fire for allegedly being transphobic and homophobic. This started after a recent post from his show was shared to social media sparking accusations of transphobia.

Somehow, Mzansi actress has been caught in the middle of it. The Queen Sono star was recently called out by a Twitter user named Sisa who discovered that Pearl was liking tweets by people defending the podcast host. This sort of insinuated that she was in support of him.

The Twitter user questioned why she was liking the tweets of an alleged transphobic and homophobic man when she has a huge following of trans and gay people. She also asked to know where she stands on the topic. The “Queen Sono” star is yet to respond to this.

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