Pearl Thusi Talks Her “IT Girl” Era In New Video Interview – Watch

“IT Girl” is one phrase that continues to pop in South Africa’s entertainment circles – used to describe a tradition that seemingly pitted women against each other. It formed part of the conversation that the “Queen Sono” actress had with South African rapper Moozlie.

During the sit-down on the set of Black Rose Kitchen, Pearl Thusi had reflected on the “IT Girl” era of her early days in the industry, noting that she hated how it seemed to have pitted women against each other and seemingly stifled creativity.

According to her, the comparisons pushed some people into doing exactly what others are doing whether it aligned with what they really wanted or not. In her own there, there was a lot she wanted to do, and creative adventures to explore but she had to hide them to conform to what the industry wanted to see.

The “IT Girl” narrative has been around for a long time and even attracted condemnation from South African culture critic NOTA, who described such ladies as unmarriageable – and that if they should marry, their union wouldn’t last.

Well, besides sharing her thoughts on the “IT Girl” era of her time and what obtains in the present, Pearl Thusi also gave some insights into her life in the detailed video interview below.

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