Pearl Thusi Under Fire Over Viral “Water Challenge” Dance Video

At this rate, it is doubtful that the criticisms that follow Pearl Thusi everywhere she goes will ever end. The actress and media personality is known for doing whatever pleases her and her fans are also known for criticising her when they feel the need to.

So, it is Pearl against the critics. The war has been on for as long as we can remember. It had a new dimension recently when she did what many called the water challenge. She was outdoors, swaying her hips around what appeared to be a pool.

From the pictures and videos she shared, it could be seen that she was pleased with herself – without a care in the word. In the caption to her post, she told her fans that she needed help in determining which of the video slides she shared should be used for her Instagram reel in the spirit of the water challenge.

While some of her fans readily gave suggestions to her, some criticised her for being a part of the challenge. Some of her critics claimed she was just an attention-seeking clout chaser and not acting her age. You can check out the controversial post below.

It is unlikely the criticisms will change anything, however.

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