Pearl Thusi’s Instagram Break Announcement Ignites Speculations Of New Netflix Show

Now and then, we are alerted to celebrities taking breaks from social media. While some of them would give reasons for their exit, some would just disappear without informing anyone. The fans would have to find out themselves, one way or the other.

Well, celebrated actress Pearl Thusi is one for telling her fans what is coming, leaving them to figure the rest out themselves. The delectable actress is taking a break from Instagram and has just announced the same to her millions of followers on the platform.

In a recent post on her Instagram Story, she informed her fans that she would be going on an Instagram hiatus, but she failed to specify how long she would be gone. According to her, she would be gone as long as it takes. You can check out her post below.

The post had divided South Africans in the realm of speculation, with some claiming that she might have ditched the platform to focus on a new bus as yet unannounced Netflix series following the cancellation of Queen Sono, a series for which she was famous.

However, nothing has been confirmed, and until she shares more details, her fans might only watch and see. Stay tuned.

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