Peep Legal Document Sent By Sjava To SAPS Concerning Lady Zamar Allegations Filed Against Him

Sjava shares legal documents from his team to SAPS involving his case with Lady Zamar

Sjava shares a legal document sent by his team to SAPS concerning his case with Lady Zamar being made public.

It seems South African Hip-hop star, Sjava isn’t going down without a fight. If you’re wondering who he’s coming for this time, it’s SAPS. The rapper is reportedly pissed at SAPS for allegedly sharing his ongoing case with former lover, and singer, Lady Zamar with the media before notifying him and his team.

The internet almost freaked out when news broke that Lady Zamar was accusing the rapper of rapper and sexual assault. As if that wasn’t enough, news after news of cancellations of some of his appearances on major shows continued to follow. This would definitely get a man down.

Now, the “Linda” rapper who has spoken his innocence has retaliated with a four-page legal document aimed at SAPS for allegedly disclosing the case to the media. The documents believed to have been sent on Friday, 6 March are yet to be responded to by them.

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