Peeps Are Not Having It With Khanyi Mbau Extremely Bleached Skin

Mbau got the harsh treatment, as she got roasted for her skin color on the platform.

It is no news that Mbau is one of the few celebrities, that chose to go the cosmetic way. Since the celebrity decided to change her looks, she has been getting it hot from people, who are not in tune with her decision.

Recently Mbau posted a picture of herself in a beautiful bikini, the sexy picture only got attention for her pale skin, as Tweeps decided to drag her badly for it.

Some renowned Twitter investigators, even went as far as digging out old pictures of her before the surgery, citing a difference between when she was human and when she became a life size Barbie doll.

See some of the reactions below;

In other Mbau news, the TV personality recently called on people to sign a petition to stop children from resuming school on the 1st of June 2020.

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