Peeps Drag L’vovo For Asking Question About Studies

Peeps drag L'vovo for asking questions about the state of their studies

L’vovo gets dragged by peeps for asking questions about their studies.

The lockdown has left everyone in Mzansi hot blooded. Can you blame them though? With nothing working the way it used to, you can only expect everyone to be on edge. Mzansi musician, L’vovo got a taste of the fury recently for asking an honest question at the wrong time.

The talented musician had tweeted enquiring  about the state of everyone’s studies which ended up with Tweeps lashing out him. Everyone knows how hard it has been for parents to tutor their children and also for adults to keep gaining knowledge. This must have been what caused the retaliation.

Some dragged the singer calling him out for spelling Academically wrong. Others, said their studies were about as bad as his music career. Ouch! It has been obvious that since the reign of Amapiano, L’vovo music hasn’t been getting as much spins as before.

John Jabulani

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