Peeps Unimpressed As Young Stunna Recalls His Drug Years

Not everyone who is currently famous had it great growing up. Some struggled mightily, even doing things they wouldn’t be proud of today, to to get by. South African singer Young Stunna is one such man.

The “Adiwele” hitmaker gave insights into this aspect of his story recently. Interestingly, it elicited mixed reactions.

In a clip currently making the rounds online, the songster could be seen in the company of people who appear to be his associates. There, he spoke a bit about his life, pointing out some of the things he used to do to get by.

Among others, he claimed that he used to sell cigarettes and weed (marijuana) at school. But that’s all in the past at the moment.

Still, some South Africans were unimpressed and called for him to be arrested by the police authorities. You can check out the post below.

Young Stunna rose to fame recently thanks to the appeal of his music and the support of compatriots, including Kabza De Small.

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