Penny Lebyane Spills Truths About Unfair Pay in the Radio Industry

Radio star Penny Lebyane has spilled the sad truth about unfair pay in the radio industry and revealed how much she was paid at Metro FM.

Social media has been abuzz since Penny Ntuli revealed that she left Gagasi FM because she was offered R2800 to renew her contract. Mzansi was stunned that the station would not pay her what she was worth.

Fellow radio star Penny Lebyane has now joined the conversation and spilled more truth about it. She wrote,

“Radio is painful but even harder for women no matter how talented you are especially on #BlackRadio it’s actually better when u are not talented to make a quick buck since the #ItGirls and #Influencer Era… #EqualPay for #EqualWork on Radio #PennyNtuli”

She spoke about her salary and how much she made at Metro FM.

“If l told u how much l make on radio currently u’ll be equally shocked and even the highest amount l made when l left #MetroFm in 2010/11 l was never paid more than 30k even when l hosted 12:00 to 15:00 but man even wt a single shows got more and my ‘Cohosts’ got more😩”

She continued, “Many radio personalities won’t stand with #PennyNtuli cause its contract negotiations season and they are afraid of losing work also others are opportunistic and hypocrite to say anything so she’s on her own. But @PennyNtuli12 don’t cower stand tall sis… #PennyNtuli”

“With  all said & done..Me l love radio and I’m good for it hence l refused to take the BS that comes with it behind the scenes. But they can’t take away my IMPACT as for money well l am an Industrious being hv always been. I literally at times have done it for nothing. #IamRadio”

She promised to find her pay slip in case anyone came for her.

Penny Lebyane Spills Truths About Unfair Pay In The Radio Industry 2

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