Penuel Of The Penuel Show Fires Shots At MacG & His Podcast And Chill

Penuel, the bloke who runs The Penuel Show, has lambasted MacG and his platform Podcast and Chill, accusing the podcast host of gatekeeping the podcast industry in South Africa. He claimed that MacG does not promote other podcasters and made a comparison between him and the controversial music executive Nota Baloyi.

Nota had been displeased with Podcast and Chill for granting his ex-wife Berita a spot on the podcast to share her side of their matrimonial drama. He went into a social media rant because of it.

However, Penuel insisted that NOta was a better person compared to MacG. His take on the dreadlocks-wearing podcaster did not sit well with his core fans, who wasted no time lashing out at him for his claims about MacG. You can check out the tweet below.

It is doubtful that MacG would take Penuel’s verdict too seriously. A veteran of many wars on social media, he is not one to back down easily despite several attempts that have been made to silence him. Instead, he manages to bounce back stronger, supported by a dedicated fandom.

His fans are called Chillers and are sometimes very brutal when it comes to defending him. Can you beat that

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