People Don’t Care About The Music Anymore, WIlly Cardiac To Riky Rick

tells that people dont care about music anymore.

In our opinion, SA star, has hosted some amazing interviews since the beginning of Lab Live. Now, on the 7th episode, he links up with the impressive new age rapper, who talks about people’s perception of music these days.

It would shock you to know that he has different opinions about how people relate to music nowadays. He believes that people don’t care about it as much as they used to in the past. He goes on to state that clout has taken over the music industry, taking away the love that should just be about making music.

In Riky Rick’s opinion, all the “shenanigans” might overshadow good music and artists who deserve to be in the forefront of the scene. He goes on to make some valid points. Check out the video below.

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