Pete Edochie Trends Amid Son Yul Edochie’s Marital Drama

Veteran Nollywood actor Pete Edochie found himself on Nigeria’s trending list after it was revealed that his son Yul Edochie, also an actor, had taken another wife who’d given him a son.

Yul Edochie had reportedly impregnated the actress Judith Austin and hurriedly married her to preempt too many questions. All this he did without informing his first wife, May. 

In the post in which he’d showed off his son and informed the world that he’d taken a second wife, May had commented that God would judge him and Judith. The comment made it all the more clear that all isn’t well in the house of Yul. 

Social media users are juxtaposing the current situation with what Yul Edochie’s father Pete had said a long time ago. 

To the veteran actor was ascribed the quote, “Marrying two women doesn’t mean you’re a man. It just means you’re about to suffer and bring confusion to your generations.”

And that, social media users think, is what’s happening to Yul Edochie right so. So Pete is trending for his maxim and how it has manifested in the life of his son. 

Right now, all eyes are on Yul, who’s angling to be Nigeria’s next president.

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