Peter Brant & Stephanie Seymour’s Son Harry Dead At 24

Peter Brant and Stephanie Seymour’s son Harry Brant is dead. The model and fashionista reportedly died of a drug overdose. He was aged 24.

Harry had reportedly struggled with addiction and died from an overdose of prescription drugs, according to the family. The family also revealed that he had planned to check into rehab this year. It is unknown why he never made it.

Prior to his death, Harry Brant had followed in the footsteps of his supermodel mother, working for Balmain and Italian Vogue. He had also linked up with his brother Peter Brant Jr and released a unisex makeup range for MAC Cosmetics.

In a statement, the family said he achieved a lot in his 24 years of life. Sadly, according to the family, they would not get the chance to see how much more he would have achieved had he lived.

Peter Brant &Amp; Stephanie Seymour'S Son Harry Dead At 24 2

By the way, the family is not new to drug tiffs. Back in 2009, during divorce filings, Peter Brant Sr had accused Stephanie Seymour of abusing pills and alcohol, ultimately calling her an unfit mother.

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