Peter Weber Responds to Charlize Theron’s Love of the Show, ‘The Bachelor’ in an Alluring Way

Charlize Theron stood beside a poster of Peter Weber with the tagline, ‘Expect Turbulence.’ On her caption on Instagram, she wrote: ‘Turbulence I like.’

Charlize Theron, the American-South African actress, and producer, hinted to her guilty pleasure of watching the reality show, ‘The Bachelor.’ She revealed this in an Instagram post last week, and it was amazing!

In this post, Charlize stood beside a poster of Peter Weber, the current star of ‘The Bachelor.’ The poster included the tagline ‘Expect Turbulence’ and Charlize wrote as her caption:

Turbulence I like.

Charlize Theron also said on The Late Late Show with James Corden:

I’m dating the bache…like the show,

Charlize joked:

On Monday nights, because my kids can’t read a clock yet, I just get ‘em to bed at like 17:45, and then I open a bottle of wine, I take a bath, I get all ready, and then I watch the bachelor. It’s my date night.

Peter, an airline pilot, also finds Charlize’s post amazing. In response to her post, Peter shared his own black-and-white photo in front of Charlize Theron Dior ads with the flirty caption:

Turbulence can be fun.

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