Petronella Tshuma Glad To Be Back With New Role On eVOD’s Dramatic Comedy

If you missed Petronella Tshuma on TV, you are right on your way to smiling again as she is making her TV return. Your fave is back and happy to be.

According to multiple reports, she is not only back but will be a part of eVOD’s dramatic comedy, “Clean Job.” The title brings a lot to mind, indeed. But most people will most likely be mistaken trying to guess what plays out from the title of the series.

In the flick, Tshuma is caught in the upheaval of fate, a lady sodden with grief and seemingly – for the moment – unable to extricate herself from it. The result? She became a criminal mastermind, driving a syndicate of other unemployed and desperate women.

“Clean Job” promises not only entertainment but great life lessons as well. So, more likely than not, it will resonate with a lot of people out there. How Tshuma interprets her role and how the public reacts to the same will be made apparent over time.

For now, fans will have to content themselves with the knowledge that she is back. By the way, Tshuma has distinguished herself in other flicks, including “Rhythm City,” which some fans consider her most famous.

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