Pfizer’s CEO Reveals Negotiations And Covid Vaccine Pricing

Pfizer’s CEO, Dr. Albert Bourla has revealed the negotiations made with Trump White House and everything about the Covid Vaccine Pricing.

A recent article on Time reveals an exclusive excerpt from the number 1 bestseller, “Moonshot” by Pfizer’s CEO, Dr Albert Bourla. In it, he talks about creating the vaccine that was highly sort for by nations of the world, and the negotiations with Trump White House, and also the pricing of the vaccine.

He started out talking about the history of Vaccine diplomacy, and also revealed all that went down during the Covid pandemic. According to Dr. Bourla, almost every head of state reached out to thank him, “to ask for more supply, or to complain that they were not getting more.” He revealed how all the leaders were eager to hear news about the vaccine and also get in line what was at the time “a limited supply”.

He also revealed that at the time, he had made it clear that “return on investment should not be of any consideration”. Dr. Bourla stressed that “No one could say that we were using the pandemic as an opportunity to set prices at unusually high levels”. The vaccines were sold at the “cost of a simple meal, not a cutting-edge vaccine”. He equally made sure that there was vaccine equity while distributing it. Find the full article here.

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