PH Raw Says Artistes Don’t Need Fans

Hip hop star, PH Raw has said that musicians don’t really need fans and while that’s a really controversial thing to say, he does have his reasons.

It is an open secret that music artistes tend to walk around with a lot of entourages that consists of friends, lovers, and fans and now, PH Raw is saying to cut back on all of that and keep the circle tight, yes, even airtight from fans too.

His tweet on this read:

Advice to artist working on their music… FIND A PRODUCER and an ENGINEER to form part of your team, instead of having a bunch of niggas around u that know every word but really ain’t doing ish… You don’t need fans in your circle.

The message he is sending out could mean two things: could be that he meant artists don’t need a team member that is not contributing to your craft or that you generally just need to focus on making music by getting the best of producers and engineers and not bother about winning fans over. Not exactly sure if that will go down well with a lot of fans but as it always is, no matter what side of a divide you’re on, you’ll still likely find fans and supporters and PH Raw did find a few voices to support this view.

Some of those who agreed with him even went as far as saying that’s what they themselves have always done and that keeping the circle simple and small helps you go far. Can you go far without fans though? That particular debate will continue to rage on.

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