Phala Phala Farm Scandal: Mbeki Unimpressed With ANC For Trying To “Protect” Ramaphosa

South Africa’s former president Thabo Mbeki is unimpressed with the way the Phala Phala scandal is being handled and the seeming role Parliament has been playing to ensure that Ramaphosa is not probed.

“Phala Phala” scandal is taken from the president’s farm of the same name: Phala Phala. Years ago, it was reported that some criminals had invaded the farm and made away with millions of dollars found hidden under mattresses. The incident was never publicised at the time.

In fact, it stayed hidden and away from public scrutiny until the exit of former police spy chief and notable Zuma loyalist Arthur Fraser. Fraser had provided docu,

ents and names, including CCTV footage, to show that there was indeed a heist at the farm and the president ought to have reported it but kept quiet as it would lead to questions about the source of the money. He accused Ramaphosa of money laundering and other peccadilloes.

There have been calls for Ramaphosa to resign as a result of the Phala Phala farm scandal, but the president has stoutly resisted the call. It remains to be seen whether Mbeki’s claim that Parliament is shielding President Ramaphosa would lead the body to act against the president.

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