#PhalaPhalaFarmGate: No Let Up In The Call For Ramaphosa To Resign

There is no let-up in the advocacy to get President Cyril Ramaphosa out of power for alleged corruption dating back to the year his farm was burgled.

#PhalaPhalaFarmGate is the hashtag critics are using to pass the message that he should resign or be forced out of power for corruption and for misleading the public. But what really happened?

In 2020, the president’s Phala Phala farm had been burgled by foreigners in collaboration with a farmhand (employee). The thieves reportedly stole millions of dollars from the farm and vanished into neighbouring countries.

Then comes the questions? Who owned the millions of dollars on the farm? Why would the president leave millions of dollars in there when it’s against the law? Questions. Questions. Questions.

Former police chief Arthur Fraser had exposed the president and accused him of money laundering in a filing with the authorities.

Since then, South Africans have taken up the fight to see that the president is not only investigated but forced out of power. Many calls have been made for the president to resign; he’s snubbed them all.

#Phalaphalafarmgate: No Let Up In The Call For Ramaphosa To Resign 2#Phalaphalafarmgate: No Let Up In The Call For Ramaphosa To Resign 3

It’s unclear if those advocating his resignation will taste victory ultimately. For now, Mzansi is content sharing details about #PhalaPhalaFarmGate.

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