Pharrell Williams Unveil Xhosa Sneakers Design “Uluntu,” But It’s Not For Sale in Mzansi

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American musician Pharrell Williams has linked up with Adidas Originals to launch new Xhosa sneakers called Uluntu.  Where the news should be generating excitement in South Africa, it is currently generating mixed feelings.

The sneakers, unfortunately, are not available in South Africa, although the it might have gotten its name from one of the languages spoken in the Rainbow Nation.

By the way, Uluntu, which is printed on the sneakers, translates to humanity or human race in the Xhosa. Pharrell Williams is the brains behind a brand called Human Race.

While some South Africans were disappointed the sneakers won’t be available in South Africa, there were those who were okay with it. One particular fan thought the using of the Xhosa word for humanity was enough.

The sneakers initiative is but one of several business adventures  the American singer has taken of recent. He’s also  launched a hotel in the hart of Miami, earning accolades from fans and industry insiders alike.

With the new sneakers bran, it becomes even clearer the songster has got his eyes on the bag.

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