Phat Joe To Host Spin-Off “Temptation Island” Reality Show

Television host is still doing pretty “Phat” things, and his fans are happy for him. He’s just clinched another gig that would see him host what has been described as the ultimate relationship test show, Temptation Island SA.

This reality television programme started in the United States back in 2001 and currently has spin-offs in more than 20 countries. South is the latest to recreate something started by the Americans about two decades.

While appears to be silent about him being the host of Temptation Island, his fans who have heard of the news aren’t quiet. They have been celebrating this milestone on social media, describing the television personality as deserving of the job.

There are no prizes to be won with Temptation Island, though. Addressing this, had stated, “there is an ultimate goal, which is to find true love. If you don’t find true love the goal is to answer few basic questions such as, do we belong together? Or do I belong with someone else? Or do I belong on my own?”

The show, which will premiere in August, will have 20 single contestants.

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