Phelo Bala Opens Up About Failed Marriage to Moshe Ndiki

The singer reflects on his past relationship and the pain of separation

South African singer Phelo Bala has finally opened up about his failed marriage to television personality Moshe Ndiki. In a series of interviews and social media posts, Bala shared his feelings about the end of his relationship and the emotional toll it has taken on him.

Bala, who was married to Ndiki for two years, revealed that he still loves his ex-husband despite the painful separation. “I really did love him, and I still do,” Bala confessed in an interview. He also shared that he has decided to cover up a tattoo he got during their relationship as a symbol of his love for Ndiki.

The singer also addressed allegations of abuse that were made during their marriage. He stated that he was not the one who was abusive in the relationship, contradicting claims made by Ndiki. Bala expressed his disappointment and hurt over these allegations, stating that they have caused him a great deal of emotional distress.

Bala’s family has been supportive during this difficult time. His brother, Loyiso Bala, a well-known gospel singer in South Africa, has been particularly supportive. Loyiso has publicly defended his brother and expressed his disappointment in Ndiki for his actions.

Despite the pain of his failed marriage, Bala is determined to move forward and focus on his career. He has been working on new music and is excited to share it with his fans. He also expressed his gratitude for the support he has received from his fans during this challenging time.

Bala’s openness about his failed marriage and the emotional toll it has taken on him has resonated with many of his fans. His honesty and vulnerability have been praised, and many have expressed their support for him as he navigates this difficult period in his life.

While the end of his marriage to Ndiki has undoubtedly been painful, Bala’s strength and resilience are evident. He has shown that he is not defined by his failed marriage but is instead focused on moving forward and continuing to make his mark in the music industry.

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