Phil Mphela Says Simz Ngema Isn’t The Only Celeb Tied To The Thabo Bester Crime Case

Notable South African blogger Phil Mphela has just revealed that Sim Ngema is not the only South African celeb involved in the Thabo Bester crime saga, Simz Ngema had reportedly visited the rapist and convicted felon in prison shortly before his escape from the slammer.

Bester, infamously known as the “Facebook Rapist” because he usually lures women from the platform to assault them, was jailed for his crimes. He escaped after setting his cell on fire and leaving behind the body of someone who had reportedly been murdered and smuggled into his cell to give the idea that he was the dead person.

Simz Ngema visited him in jail, as she admitted in a statement which she has since deleted. She claimed that she was at his cell over money owed her for a gig she did for the company. But many South Africans did not buy her explanation.

In a new twist to the whole story, Mphil Mphela noted that there were other celebs involved but he failed to name them. South African thronged the comment section of his tweet but he still wouldn’t name them.

Phil Mphela Says Simz Ngema Isn'T The Only Celeb Tied To The Thabo Bester Crime Case 2

So, the coming days just might have the answers to the many questions.

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