Phindile Gwala Criticised Over Her Skomota TikTok Dance Moves

South African actress Phindile Gwala is in the news again. This time, it has nothing to do with thirst traps but with how she danced recently. In a trending clip. she could be seen dancing in what many said was the tradition of the disabled musician Skomota.

According to some of those who saw the clip of the dance, her dance moves were troubling, seriously disturbing and seemingly a mockery of the disabled TikTok star. And they were not pleased with it. They criticised her for her actions.

Skimota is a musician with a disability who has somehow become s TikTok sensation with a ready audience. Phindile deciding to dance in the way Skomota did had many South Africans shaking their heads and saying she could do better.

It is unclear what motivated her to dance that way. however, at the time of writing, she was yet to address the criticisms elicited by her dance move. Whether she would eventually address that is left to time. But then, we are following events keenly and will bring you more details as they drop.

In the interim, you may want to check out the clip below and determine things for yourself. Yes?

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