Photos: Leeroy Sidambe Allegedly Moves On With A New Lover Following Mihlali Breakup

Every other day, the reality of the late American novelist Saul Bellow’s words, “When the dear disappears, there is another dear waiting near,”  manifests before us. At least, we have yet another example in Leeroy Sidambe.

The businessman became famous in South Africa’s social circles after he ditched his wife Maryjane Sidambe and sorted dating beauty influencer Mihlala Ndamase.

In the heat of their relationship, he’s reportedly retrieved a Range Rover he bought his wife and given the same to Mihlali. Anyway, their relationship still collapsed, with Mihlali indicating that she paid for one of their vacations abroad when his card was declined. She also claimed he’s not refunded her the sum.

Along the line, it was claimed that he was apologetic and striving to get back with her. But she rebuffed his efforts. Maybe he’d finally gotten the message and moved on.

Right now. he’s said to have found love again with another woman – not his wife. The report making the rounds online is that he is now dating the beauty queen Shida Schroeder.

Well, South Africans appeared impressed with his latest choice, with some of them joking that he knows how to pick them.

Some stated that Sidambe has “upgraded.”

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