Photos of Anele’s Father Patilizwe Mdoda’s Traditional Wedding Go Viral

Photos and clips of Anele’s Father, Patilizwe Mdoda, and his young bride have gone viral on social media.

Everyone is talking about Anele Mdoda’s father Patilizwe’s traditional wedding, but not for the reasons you’d think. Mzansi was shocked to see how young his new wife, Noxolo Zinyana, is. Since their wedding happened the past weekend, photos and clips from the ceremony have dominated social media.

The radio and TV star, Anele, was the first to share a picture of the two. She wrote,

“If this is deleted, please know my dad and his wife jumped me for posting unofficial pictures of an amazing day. Welcome to the family, Noxolo, or should I say Mrs. Mdoda. We love you boobsie.”

Her followers and friends took to the comments to congratulate the new couple. Recently, pictures and a clip of Patilizwe Mdoda and Noxolo at Tsolo, Eastern Cape, on their wedding day began to make rounds after they were tweeted by @jozitube, who wrote,

“More visuals from Eastern Cape at Anele Mdoda’s dads wedding. How the bride and groom arrived at the venue.”

Everyone was shocked to see how young the bride was and wondered if it was true love.

Check the post out here.

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